My Flashlight Keeps Me Active at Night

Having arthritis makes it difficult to do a lot of things with my hands. It’s difficult for me to grasp things, or carry heavy things. That’s why I’m very thankful that I found my Blazeray flashlight. My physical therapist actually recommended it to me about a month ago. Walking around the neighborhood at night has always been a challenge, because I have difficulty grasping a traditional flashlight. The great thing about the Blazeray is that it’s small and lightweight, but still performs better than any bulky flashlight I’ve ever owned. My physical therapist sure is a wise person.

Keeping active is really important for overall good health, but staying in motion is especially important for people with arthritis. Even though it hurts to move at times, I need to make sure that my joints are loose and my body is moving. Being outdoors makes me especially happy, which leads to better overall mental health. So, that’s why taking my evening stroll around the block is so very important to me. You wouldn’t think so, but owning this device has made me feel so liberated. Even though it can’t restore my health, it gives me the freedom to do my best to maintain my way of life.

In addition to being lightweight, which is the key to me being able to easily use it, I love that it has different settings that allow me to customize the amount of light projected. If I just need a little bit of light because it’s dusk, I can use the low setting. It’s pitch black outside and I’m afraid that I may trip and fall, I make sure that it’s turned on the high setting. There are many other settings, but those are the two most common settings that I use. This light helps me stay healthy and active.