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Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Self-motivation is a great way to pluck the strings of your conscience for doing better things in life. If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, then illness is going to grip you soon. Exercising not only helps you to stay fit, but also freshens up your body from within. Despite being aware of the benefits of exercise, people fail to incorporate it in their lives. Why? If you decipher the reasons, you will find out that either you are doing it out of compulsion or you are too lazy to regularly hit the gym. All these thoughts are consequences of lack of motivation and inspiration.


Optimistic Attitude
Having an optimistic attitude is very important when you start something new. Optimism ensures that you always look at the glass as half full, and don’t deter in your endeavor. An optimistic approach will not only help you to try consistently, but also make sure you fight all possible obstacles easily. On the other hand, a pessimistic approach will show you only the bad in what you want to do, hampering your will to try at the very beginning.

To be determined about something takes a lot of courage. It’s very easy to give up; everyone can do it. To continuously keep at it, putting in consistent efforts, takes courage. Be determined to lose weight. Tell yourself you have to do it. Rain, hail, thunderstorm―you have to hit the gym.

Choose a Role Model
The desire to emulate celebrities is always there in our minds. So why not follow the path by which they have obtained an envious physique? If your role model has etched a permanent inspiration in your mind, then you are bound to follow her/him. You can also read inspirational quotes or biographies of your role models in order to know how they have sculpted their body perfectly.

Feel Good
You should perceive your surroundings positively and ensure that negative vibes do not alter your determination. This way you will be regular with your workout schedule, gradually witnessing the positive effects it has on you. Always feel good about where you work out. This ensures that you perceive the place opportunistically in your mind; your probability of visiting it increases.

Congratulate Yourself Often
Every time you lose a decided number of pounds, congratulate yourself with some pampering. Visit the spa to relax your muscles or shop for a new outfit to complement that body.

Think Long-term
If you have a fast-paced lifestyle, you won’t even realize when time flies by. By exercising regularly, you’re adding more years to your life. Also, you stay away from a truckload of health problems. A long life is the best motivation, isn’t it?

Apart from all these factors, you must set a goal and channelize all your energy towards achieving it. Last but not the least, it’s very important that you enjoy what you do, whether it’s working out at the gym, or practicing yoga at home.

Ways to Keep New Years Resolutions On Health And Fitness

People make different resolutions on New Year, though these are hardly ever met. A common type of resolution that people make during New Year relates to food intake, body shape and fitness using Raleigh fitness equipment since these are mostly flouted during the holiday seasons as people tend to add pounds at these time of the year.

It is quite easy to make resolutions, but it becomes quite a hard task to keep them. The year starts with people remaining charged up about following their fitness resolutions, but as the year progresses, their passion for going about it starts fizzling. It is hardly seen to find people who have made resolutions during New Year could make long-term changes in them. A study found that around 19% of people actually stick to their resolutions for two years. That means those sticking to their fitness resolutions are actually a minuscule group.

Be Realistic

When making resolutions during New Year, it is important to be realistic and flexible about it. In spite of starting with the best of intentions, there are many instances in one’s life that could hinder him or her in keeping to the resolutions. Hence, it could be that you are working overtime for few days and that makes you unable to go to your gym for your workouts on these days. However, it should not deter someone from discontinuing going to the gym. Go easy on these times of interruptions of your routine. Just keep focused on your goal and start once over again.

Set Measurable Goals

A good way to go about keep to your New Year’s resolution on fitness is by setting measurable goals. Hence, if you make a goal of exercising thrice a week, you are better able to follow the routine than setting 6 days a week. This is because it becomes difficult to keep a measure of your progress for 6 days. You also see to it that you do not set quite difficult goals, like running for half a marathon if you are not used to doing such action. It would make sense to exercise for few minutes every day at the beginning than to keep up following the full resolution or discontinuing mid-way because you find it quite difficult to follow it.

Have Fun

It is important that boredom does not set in while doing your fitness exercises as you are sure to discontinue in keeping to your resolution once boredom sets in. if you find pushups a disagreeable exercise, it would be better to not set the goal of doing 60 pushups every day. A good way to go about doing your exercise is making your routine engaging and challenging by adding variety to it. Hence, it could be working on a new fitness program like go dancing, CrossFit, or something similar to make your regimen interesting.

Track Your Progress

Check for any improvements that you see in yourself. It could be losing a few pounds, your backache going away, or your tight jeans fitting you well. So whenever you find yourself lacking motivation, think of the many benefits that you found since you started on your fitness regime. It is also necessary to break your resolutions into short and achievable goals. Hence, if you plan to lose 50 pounds, you could break it into goals of losing 10 pounds each. This will help you to set achievable milestones, keep a tab of the results that you obtain on individual goals and remain motivated.

Find a Buddy

Try finding out someone you know that is ready to work out with you to keep your New Year’s resolution. During exercise, you and your buddy could act as a motivating factor of each other and make the other person accountable, and that would help you reach your goal more easily.

Celebrate Your Successes

Whenever you reach milestone using Raleigh fitness equipment, however small it could be, try celebrating this success by treating yourself to something. However, that something should not mean gorging chocolate cake when the resolution is to lose weight. Hence, the treat that you pick for achieving success should not go against your New Year resolution.

Behavioral Change

Although changing your lifestyle through motivation is a tough job, what with the behavioral process that you have to go through, but it would be quite helpful instead of meeting with a health scare while losing weight that forces you to stop your workout altogether. By having a fitness plan well-developed, you can avoid meeting a health scare later on.


Easy Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

If you look up transformational stories on the web of people who’ve managed to lose a truckload of weight, at first you’re sure to be flabbergasted. How did she lose all that weight? Where did he manage to get those rock-solid abs? And then it dawns on you―maybe these guys really worked their butts off to get where they are. It’s not just hard work and dedication anymore that puts you ahead of the pack, but an ironclad-will to be able to cross the finish line as a new and improved person.

Most of us lead an egregious lifestyle, where junk food and an apathetic attitude take the throne. We all want washboard abs and callipygian behinds, but the truth is, unless we really want to work for it, there’s no way in hell we’re going to get that kind of body. Your aim should not be to just get there physically, but to do so in a healthy manner. That means fresh, wholesome ingredients, with a diet devoid of processed food in any form. Let’s move on to exercises you can do when time permits―no matter where you are―that are easy yet effectual to help you get into shape.

Simple Exercises that You Can Do Anywhere

A burpee gives you a wicked head-to-toe workout

The confabulation of having to exercise to lose weight is not an arcane piece of advice. For those of you who strength train and religiously work out, these exercises will prove to be beneficial―you’ll be revving up your metabolism at several intervals during the day, giving your body a reason to shed weight faster. Cool, right? Take a look at these exercises that we think are some of the best and easiest to do indoors or out.

Bench Push-Ups (One-Legged)
It doesn’t have to be a bench, but anything that can serve as a platform to raise you off the floor. If using one leg proves to be taxing, start off with both, before slowly learning how to depend on the strength of your arms. Your back should be rigidly straight.

Where to Perform These Exercises

We suggest traversing the outdoors to find a great spot to do these exercises, like the park, beach, backyard, or even a sports stadium. A space that is secluded, tranquil, and devoid of pollution in any form, should ideally be your go-to location. These exercises can also be done at your abode whilst you cook, clean, or do the laundry. Even when you’re sprawled in front of the idiot box, you can perform an exercise during the commercial break―it’ll give you a couple of minutes to do an exercise per intermission.

While at the office, you can definitely perform some of these exercises to give your body a mini workout post a heavy meal. We recommend keeping an exercise ball at the office to perform some nifty exercise moves when no one’s looking. Take advantage of benches, staircases, or any area that can be of assistance for an exercise move.

With these fat-busting exercise moves, you can be sure to notice the results in the near future. While these workouts are great, we would love it if you carried some light weights with you while exercising outdoors. It’ll add definition to your body as you shed the extra pounds, where increasing the weights you carry will be a huge bonus. Things you can take with you outdoors? Dumbbells, exercise ball, resistance band, ankle weights, jump rope, yoga mat, and even kettlebells. Alternate between the aforementioned exercises to give your body a head-to-toe workout.

Best Tips to Break Free of Alcohol

An intense feeling of despair was weighing on her. Streams of sweat were running down her face. Her hands were trembling while she restlessly poured a large glass of whiskey. She couldn’t do without it, she needed another drink. Alcohol was the only quick fix to soothe her agitated soul. What began during her early teens with a few glasses of wine on Thanksgiving Day, gradually became a powerful coping strategy. Parents’ divorce, financial breakdowns and a failed marriage got Elsa (name changed), 26, hooked on alcohol.

Drowning herself in her drinks was the only way for Elsa to escape the blues. But the effects lasted only a while, and then the cycle would start all over again. There are many who drink to drown their stress, sorrows and depression. No wonder, people find solace in alcohol as the most effective antidepressant at the moment. But in the long run, it produces negative effects which can be a serious setback to the overall well-being.

In the United States, alcohol-related deaths claim more lives than all intoxicants combined. Ironically, lawmakers are questioning the legalization of marijuana, but when it comes to alcohol, nobody seems to be wringing their hands over the issue of rising alcohol menace. In reality, it has become a socially accepted drug in the American society today.

Saying ‘no’ to alcohol

Being trapped in addiction makes one feel miserable. Though there are some who might have made attempts to quit. But a few days of sobriety followed by recurring relapses made them unsuccessful. It takes a huge leap of faith to embrace sobriety, something which alcoholics are very hesitant to do. Here are some tips to keep away from alcohol:

  • Recognizing triggers that promote drinking: Places, schedules, lifestyle or particular occasions that trigger an urge to drink must be avoided at any cost.
  • Doing some soul searching: Assessing vulnerability is essential to break free. A traumatic past ridden with low self-worth raises the odds of alcoholism and needs to be fixed to prevent relapse.
  • Refraining from booze buddies: Peer pressure might lead someone astray, which can lead him or her to indulge in drinking.
  • Discovering new pastimes: An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Therefore, idleness must be substituted by new constructive hobbies.
  • Building a support system: Advice from a network of non-judging friends, counselors, or even colleagues can help douse the cravings.
  • Staying updated: It is important to acquaint oneself about the causes, symptoms, mental and physical health hazards and treatment of alcohol-related disorders.
  • Seeking detox treatment: Finally, however great the urge to drink may be, inpatient treatment in a specialized recovery center can make a huge difference.

Leading an alcohol-free life

Unlike other drugs that primarily harm the individual, the harms of alcohol extend to the near and dear ones, as well as the society. Quitting alcohol may have serious physical and emotional implications. Hence, it is important to know the factors that trigger cravings and the healthier ways to cope with them. Many a times, a patient may experience a range of mental problems, including depression, anxiety, mood swings and fatigue, which need to be effectively addressed during a patient’s stay in a rehab.