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Ways to Stop an Asthma Attack

Asthma is a breathing condition that a majority of people all around the world suffer from. Though we all like to believe that we’re well prepared to handle any kind of emergency, it’s always better to be acquainted with some things that we can do to stop an asthma attack, in case, God forbid, we’re in a state of emergency with no medical assistance available. This Buzzle article will give you a step-by-step instruction set on how to tackle an attack and bring the person back to a normal state.

Step #1: Calm Down
While this may seem very repetitive and practically impossible to do in the midst of an asthma attack, it is the first step that you need to take towards stopping an ongoing attack. Most often what happens is when a person feels the onset of an attack, he instantly panics. When he panics, it automatically increases the heart rate, which further contributes to the severity of the attack. So, when you’re in the thick of one, first calm down and then follow the other instructions given below.

Step #2: Distance the Trigger
Once you have calmed down, you will be able to think clearly. Now, slowly look around and identify what has triggered off the attack. You will be well aware of the triggers that you get affected by. It could be dust, pollen, pollution, food, allergens, a particular scent, smoking, or even excess physical movement. If it’s dust, pollen or such triggers, then immediately create a distance between yourself and the trigger. Go out of the room which contains the trigger and into an area that has ample supply of fresh air. If it’s due to exercise or any other physical movement that has caused the attack, then stop the movement and rest your body to bring down the blood rate.

Step #3: Breathing Exercises
Once you have settled down away from the trigger of your attack, you can indulge in some simple breathing exercises that will help your breathing get back to normal and in turn, make the attack subside. A couple of these exercises have been given below.

  • Sit down and hold your nose with your hand. Shut your mouth and hold your breath. Now, slowly shake your head in an up to down motion. Continue this until you feel suffocated. Then, slowly release your nose and slowly take in breath. If you cannot breathe through your nose, then let go of your nose, purse your lips and take in a little breath from the corner of the mouth. When you feel better, begin breathing slowly through your nose. Repeat this exercise after about a minute or two until your breathing reaches its regular pace.
  • This second exercise involves sniffing in and out. You need to sit in an upright position with your hands on your knees. Bend forward a little and inhale 4 short sniffs. After you’re done inhaling, you need to straighten up a bit and exhale one long breath. Then again bend a little and repeat the procedure twice before resting for about 10 seconds. Continue this exercise for about 10 minutes when you experience an attack, and you’ll feel better.

Step #4: Get Assistance

If any of the steps given above fail and you feel like your symptoms are getting aggravated even after using an inhaler, check your peak flow meter to see what your respiratory condition is. If it reads below the required reading, rush to your doctor immediately. Waiting for an asthma attack to subside on its own can only be stretched for some time. You are the best judge of its severity. So, don’t take any chances prolonging the period of discomfort.

The best way to stop an asthma attack is undoubtedly preventing one in the first place. So, stay away from all the possible triggers, take your medication regularly, keep your inhaler at hand and your emergency numbers with you all the time. Avoid too much physical and mental stress and live a healthy life.

How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The feeling of uneasiness, seasoned with a mixture of dread, panic, and fear can be termed as anxiety. We all encounter bouts of anxiety, every now and then. However, the difference lies in how we deal with it. Do we let it eat away our peace, or do we look for ways to relieve stress and anxiety so as to overcome it? Stress can prove deleterious and needs to be handled, because unnecessary fear and dread just destroys one’s mental and physical health. Life is too short to be spent worrying, and before you know it, life will be over. At the end of your days on earth, you do not want to look back and see that all you did throughout your life was worry!

Things to do to Relieve Stress


Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” The Lord knows what we go through and so He has provided the necessary guidance in His Word. He commands us to not be anxious, but come before Him in prayer and lay our requests before Him, with thanksgiving in our hearts. This is the best way to relieve stress. Take heart my friends, our Creator cares for us! Give Him your burdens and relax!

Talk to a Friend

Friends stick very close to us even in very tough times. Bottling your problems up will suffocate you. Talk to a friend who is trustworthy and ask him to pray for you. James 5 says, ‘And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”


Another stress buster is massage therapy. Remember, massages are not the solution, however, it definitely calms you down and helps you relax. Whatever problem you are dealing with, still needs to be sorted out. So don’t go get a massage with the hope that your problems will disappear after the massage. Massages are pampering times that help you just sit back and enjoy.


Therapy based on the concept of using essential oils from plants to soothe the mind and body is called aromatherapy. The essential oils stimulate the release of certain chemicals in the brain that act as relaxants. It also eliminates toxins and increases blood circulation. There are different aromatherapy recipes for stress that one can use to massage the body. Moreover, aromatherapy candles are also available, which when lit bring about soothing and calming effects.

Consuming the Right Foods

A healthy diet ensures the right chemical balance in one’s brain. If the chemical balance in the brain tips, brain chemical disorders are triggered. Thus, try to eat fruits and vegetables, which will help maintain the right chemical balance. Trans fat tends to block chemical reactions in the body, thus, it is advisable to eat foods with little or no trans fat. People feel that smoking and caffeine intake will help reduce stress, however, if you are stressed out, avoid these stimulants.

Besides the above-mentioned methods, there are some herbal remedies as well, such as drinking herbal tea. Herbs like Saint John’s Wort, Kava, Skullcap, Oatstraw, etc. can be used to treat mild cases of depression, anxiety symptoms, etc. They also induce sleep and help your body relax. However, consult your healthcare provider before taking any herb. Moreover, exercise, taking hot baths, going for walks, listening to music, carrying out your favorite hobby, etc. also helps relieve stress. Above all, smile and know that you are safe in your Creator’s hands!

Best Ways to Avoid Stress

Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain that affects physical as well as mental state of an individual. We all have faced stress in some ways or other, and of course, some of us have our own ways of coping with stress. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. So knowing some ways to keep off stress can help you in more ways than one.
Stress and its Effects
The causes of stress are plenty and the symptoms can be varied. Here is a list of effects of stress on health that you can look out for:

  • Loss of appetite or anorexia
  • Lack of interest
  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Increased smoking
  • Decreased libido
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Food cravings
  • Frequent crying
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling tired
  • Difficulty concentrating

Now that you know the common effects of stress, let us take a look at how to avoid stress.
Ways to Keep Off Stress at Work
Relieving stress at work can be done in many different ways. Here are a few of them.
Manage Your Time

Time management is an essential requirement, if you are looking for effective ways to deal with stress. When you manage your time, most of your work gets completed effortlessly and this results in handling stress at work that you face at the end of each day or month. Time management can also help you to meet deadlines effectively. One important point to remember here is multitasking. Although, it helps to finish work fast; it may cause you more stress due to the dynamic thought process required. Therefore, it is wise to avoid it.

Exercises play an important role in maintaining our physical as well as mental health. If your work is such that you cannot go to a gym; you can try some workouts at home that are easy and can keep you in shape. There are some stress management exercises that you can perform, even at the desk. Chalk out a schedule and be regular in working out, as this will help you in the long run.
Take a Break

Taking a break from your regular schedule can help you a lot in stress relief. If you are looking for relaxation and entertainment, nothing can beat a vacation. Spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. Forget all about work and enjoy your break. Taking a break rejuvenates the spirit and makes you feel like a new person.
Be positive

Keeping a positive attitude can help you avoid stress to a great extent. If there is a problem with your colleagues, try to sort it out with a talk. If not, ignore it. Most of the time, a positive attitude can help sort out the problem faster and help in relieving stress in a better way.
Ways to Prevent Stress during Pregnancy
Having a baby is a life changing milestone in the mother’s life. Along with happiness, pregnancy brings a huge responsibility on the to-be-mother’s shoulders which can lead to stress. So, here are some of the ways to avoid stress that you can put to use.

➦ Take adequate rest – This is probably the easiest way to avoid stress.

➦ Exercise daily – Following the workout routine helps you strengthen the muscles. This in turn, helps in a stress free childbirth.

➦ Sleep on your side – Sleeping on the stomach or back can put pressure on your back bone or the muscles. Sleeping on the side, instead, makes sure that all the muscles get relaxed and this can reduce stress naturally.

➦ Have a prenatal massage – The massage helps relieve any tensed muscles and is an amazing way to relax.

➦ Eat healthy – Pregnancy comes with its dos and don’ts. Taking proper nutrition is necessary so that the child in your womb gets proper nourishment. Eat smaller meals instead of three large meals. This helps reduce stress on the digestive system as well as helps you to incorporate variety in your meal.

➦ Relaxation – Listening to soothing music and going for stress relief yoga and other stress relieving methods like massage and hot water baths work as great stress busters.
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Wonderful Fitbit Products and Accessories

Don’t you feel great and guilt-free when you know that you’ve burned so many calories of that slice of pizza loaded with cheese you had last night? But how did you come to know that? And how did you know the distance you walked/jogged in the morning? Well, this is where the gadgets make an entry into the fitness world. Thanks to technology! Doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or just staying healthy, these gadgets are like your best pals that keep a check on your workouts, distance, and calories. These gadgets won’t even hesitate in making you feel guilty – if you do not run the actual distance that you usually do everyday or if you consume more calories than you should. They monitor your day-to-day activities and help you reach your goal.

One such company that brings you these kinds of gadgets is Fitbit. Even though there are many more companies that have been in the market for a long time now, Fitbit is comparatively newer and has a slight edge over others. The fitness trackers introduced by Fitbit go beyond workouts, and tracks your sleep cycle and also shows your calorie intake. Amazing isn’t it? Now, you can keep your calories in control and check your eating habits with these awesome devices. Let us check out the best Fitbit products so that you can keep a track of your health and fitness.

Fitbit Products

Fitbit One
Fitbit One is a wireless device and a sleep tracker. It monitors your sleep cycle and also has a silent alarm to wake up to. It also tracks sleep, distance, calories burned, the number of stairs climbed. Attach it to your pocket, belt, or t-shirt and get going! It is available in black and burgundy colors. It includes rechargeable battery.

Fitbit Zip
It is a wireless activity tracker that tracks your steps, distance covered, and the amount of calories burned. It displays the time and daily stats. It is waterproof and sweatproof. This gadget is for those who do not want to track their sleeping patterns. The battery is replaceable. Clip it to your clothes and start working out.

Fitbit Flex
It is a great gadget to add to your fitness collection. You can see the number of calories you’ve burned, how active you’ve been throughout the day, and the distance covered. You can also check whether you had a sound sleep or disturbed sleep. You can set your goals for the day and see your progress with the LED lights. It has a rechargeable battery. You can even install the apps from your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note smartphones. It comes in small and large sizes.

Fitbit Aria
Fitbit Aria is Wi-Fi smart scale. It aids your overall fitness goals and health by showing your accurate weight, BMI, and body fat percentages. The data can be synced through the Wi-Fi to track your progress. It also helps you set goals daily. It recognizes up to eight users and maintains a private account for all.

Fitbit Surge
It is a fitness super watch. It has a GPS and heart rate tracker. This watch also contains a caller ID. It shows the activity stats of all day and tracks your sleeping patterns as well. It also records the distance covered while running, cross-training, and cardio-workouts. The battery is rechargeable. It includes music control, and call and text notifications. It also includes a charging cable and a wireless sync dongle. The best way to keep your fitness in check. You just cannot miss it!

Fitbit Charge HR
It is similar to Surge except that it doesn’t include GPS tracking. It tracks the heart rate continuously, and even daily stats and sleep cycle. It also has a caller ID. It also records the running routes, stats, and workouts. It has a rechargeable battery, charging cable, and wireless sync dongle. It is available in black and plum colors.

Fitbit Charge
It doesn’t include GPS tracking and smartphone notifications. It is similar to Fitbit Force, which was recalled due to skin reaction issues. It has automatic sleep detection, caller ID, and also alarm. It has a rechargeable battery, charging cable, and wireless sync dongle as well.

Fitbit Accessories

You can now personalize your devices with the Fitbit accessories.

Fitbit Zip Color Clip
It clips to the clothes easily, and is used for zip wireless activity tracker. It comes in five different colors. This does not include the tracker.

Fitbit One Color Clip
It is used for holding One wireless activity and sleep tracker, and clips onto the clothes very easily. It comes in black and burgundy colors. This also does not include the tracker.

Flex Color Band
The Flex accessory band includes a clasp, in which various colors are available. They also come in a pack of three under the categories – sport, classic, and vibrant. These do not include the tracker.

Wireless Sync Dongle
It is used to sync all the trackers to your online account so that you can track your progress daily. It plugs into the USB port easily.

One Sleep Band
It is used to analyze your sleeping quality and patterns while you are asleep at night. It is only compatible with One tracker.

Charge Charging Cable
It used for charging your Charge tracker, and plugs into the USB port easily.

Flex Charging Cable
Charge your Flex tracker with the charging cable that plugs into the USB port.

One Charging Cable
Charge your One tracker with the charging cable that is included with the tracker.

Fitbit is a great choice for anyone who wants a change in his/her lifestyle and motivation to stay healthy. Owing to Fitbit, people are getting more and more health conscious, and achieving a better level of fitness. You can now track every detail and maintain an account of your entire day. So, hurry up and get your Fitbit, and stay fit!